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Schotman holds the patent for making Peated Rum. What a journey it is! Started with a small 10 liter kettle to see if the taste of the smoke could be captured. When this was successful, this experimental Peated Rum was allowed to rest on a small barrel to see how the taste developed. Ultimately, it is important that the peat smoke and rum flavors match. And what a pleasant surprise it was when it could finally be tasted. The flavors go together as wonderfully like apple and cinnamon. In the beginning a mouth full of wine gums, notes of citrus fruits and vanilla predominate and almost immediately followed by the beautiful complex taste of the peat.

Schotman uses the expertise of various craft distilleries to distill Peated Rum. This is going to be interesting, because each distiller has their own methods of distilling, and of course which still they making it.

The taste

Everyone knows the flavors of a barrel such as sherry or cognac etc. by now. People who sometimes drink a Peated Whisky know the taste of the peat. In general, the rum is a bit sweeter and friendlier, say more accessible than the taste of whisky. The taste of Peated Rum can best be described as “the missing link” between rum and whisky. Expect sweet citrus notes and the floral of the rum with an extra dimension of the peat. The peat immediately gives the rum a more complex flavor so that you are challenged to taste it again to realize what you have just experienced.

A wonderful amalgamation of the Caribbean feeling but then enjoying a delicious Peated Rum with your friends over a campfire at night.

The future

We are already busy with recipes for the future. This is important because some barrels need to be rest for 1-5 years or even more. Only a few barrels will be made per year, so exclusivity is self-evident.

Collaborating with Dutch but also foreign Distilleries is high on my wish list. If possible and permitted by the distillery, the name of the distillery will be stated on the bottle.
The batch “First Release” is distilled by Distilleerderij de Bronckhorst. The collaboration with Distilleerderij de Bronckhorst was great and more beautiful Peated Rum will certainly be made.

For me personally, the people I get to meet during this journey is invaluable.

– Eric Koster

First release

Schotman Peated Rum “First Release” consists of 5 different flavor varieties, which are matured on ex-barrels of Bourbon, Cognac, PX sherry, Port and Moscatel. The first release has been bottled in the summer of 2021. It is a limited edition of 230 bottles per flavor.

The first batch of Peated Rum has been distilled by Distilleerderij de Bronckhorst.

Extra peated

For me personally, the taste of peat is an additional flavor. It should not exceed the flavor of the rum as with some heavily peated whiskys. But for the enthusiasts, I make this batch extra peated. The first months this batch is matured in an ex bourbon barrel until the peat has developed. Then it will be aged in a unique port barrel until the full flavors have fully developed and that all powerful flavors are nicely balanced.


Schotman has a worldwide patent on the making of Peated Rum. Schotman has his Peated Rum produced by various distilleries. If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact us. Partners we are/have been working with:


Batch #1 – First Release


Batch #2