Jamaica funk that’s what it is.

Hats off to this secret distillery from the Lluidas Vale Valley in Jamaica, known for its funkiness in rum. This is obtained by the long fermentation period of the molasses, sometimes more than a few weeks. Distilling with a traditional Pot-Still gives the rum extra power. The scent that it happily spreads around as soon as you open the bottle fills the room with the unmistakable scent of Jamaica Rum. The maroon-like colour is completely from the cask, no additives have been added and it is bottled at cask strength. The 16 years on an ex-bourbon barrel (Nr: JMWP22) has done the rum well, the flavours are so beautifully intertwined and complex that you are surprised time and time again. In the aftertaste, it all seems to come together full and subtle and just keeps on giving like an old-fashioned birthday party. Special thanks to Bianca, Gert-Jan, and Ton.

Colour: Maroon

Style: English

Smell: Caramel, freshly sawn oak, funky  (glue, nail polish), tropical fruit like pineapple and banana.

Taste: In the beginning, the influence of American oak is clearly present. This mixes with the funky tones and turns into a bowl of tropical fruits such as mango, banana, and pineapple.

Finish: tropical fruit, full and oily aftertaste. The aftertaste is subtle, and it all seems to come together in a very pleasant and long aftertaste.

Viscosity: full and oily mouthfeel.

No Colour. No Sugar. No Additives. No Filtration