This release is a well-balanced Long Pond that will bring every rum lover into ecstasy. The Long Pond Distillery was founded in 1753 and is known for its powerful funkiness, which results from the use of 100% molasses, the long fermentation period, and the use of its own yeast. Only a small portion of Long Pond rum production ends up on the market for private bottlers. The scent is unmistakably Jamaican funkiness and tropical fruit. With an ester content of ITP 90-120, it brings out flavours such as banana, pineapple, coconut, and oak, but without the astringency of tannin, a hint of eucalyptus, and even some nutty flavours. The aftertaste is full and long. Add a little water so the rum opens up and the train of Flavours happily passes by again.  Special thanks to Richard.

Colour: Chestnut

Style: English

Smell: Caramel, freshly sawn oak, funky tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, and apple.

Taste: At first the influence of American oak is clearly present. This mixes with the funky notes and transitions into a bowl of tropical fruit such as mango, banana, pineapple eucalyptus, and nuts.

Aftertaste: Taste in the aftertaste is particularly powerful and long. tropical fruit and earthy minerals.

Viscosity: Semi-dry

No Colour. No Sugar. No Additives. No Filtration