Schotman Barrel Selection, Trinidad Distillers Limited 16 Years Old 2006 is a single barrel rum from the TDL distillery in Trinidad, This 3rd release of Schotman Barrel Selection is a mighty expression of the TDL distillery that will make you enjoy every sip, down to the last drop. This single-barrel rum is made in a column still and is a distillate from a single distillery. The rum was distilled in 2006 and aged in ex-bourbon casks for 16 years, at Trinidad in the tropics for 7 years and continental in the UK. The rum was bottled in September 2022 at a cask strength of 62%. Barrel nr: 17/V473

TDL exclusively use sugarcane molasses as the source for their fermentation and cultivates their own yeast strain, adding a distinctive flavor note to the Rums such as tropical fruit, vanilla, licorice, and brown sugar.