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Schotman Barrel Selection is, next to our flagship Schotman Peated Rum, a part where our passion for rum is pushed to the limit. Along the way in the rum world, we sometimes come across gems that are so beautiful that Schotman likes to link his name to them.

Only the best

Only the best is good enough for these exceptional bottlings from Schotman Barrel Selection. It is always a single cask bottling, which is why these bottlings are always available in an extremely limited edition.

Selecting the barrels is not just a choice from well-known distilleries, but the organoleptic part is always decisive.

Of course no smell, color or flavorings have been added and if possible cask strength.

Previous Schotman Barrel Selection releases:

Lluidas Vale Jamaica 16 yo 2007 JMWP

Foursquare Rum 2005 – 17 Years Old

TDL 2006 – 16 Years Old

Be the first to know about new releases

Be the first to know about new releases