Slide ENG Schotman stands for quality and openness All batches are non-chill filtered, natural colored, and not sweetened.

Real enthusiasts swear by the powerful taste of a good Peated Whisky. It is all the more deserted that no other spirits are smoked on peat. the Dutch company Schotman took up the challenge and has now launched the world’s first Peated Rum.

Schotman is a relatively young player in the spirits market. But as with many well-known distilleries, pure craft is central to Schotman. The secret of a good Peated Whiskey was already known to Liquorist Eric Koster. The idea for Peated Rum will undoubtedly cause a revolution.

“Peated Rum did not exist until today, intensive research showed that it is truly unique and that is why Schotman was able to apply for a patent. Schotman is the only one in the world who can and is allowed to make it.”

– Eric Koster

Materials & taste

The raw materials of the sugar cane are then smoked on a blend of German and Irish peat, fermented and then distilled.

The rum is distilled with pot and column still. The natural sweetness of the rum and the intensely earthy smoky flavor of the grass go great together just like apple and cinnamon.

Of course no fragrance, color or flavorings have been added.